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We specialize in technical and commercial translation from English and German into Spanish,
along with proofreading, editing and writing in Spanish.

Reach more than 400 million Spanish speakers in the world

Help your message reach a greater number of potential clients by translating your texts into Spanish.

Translation services

If you need to translate your technical, commercial, or any other type of texts from English or German into Spanish, please get in touch with us.
We specialize in translating user manuals, technical specifications, internal or private documents, websites, marketing products, business communications...
We can also translate legal texts and are sworn translators from both English and German into Spanish, certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
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Well written texts are the key to success

Make sure your clients capture your message with a perfect style and wording

Proofreading & Editing

If your texts are already translated or written in Spanish, they may need to be proofread or edited.
We are experts writing in Spanish and know every orthographic and stylistic difference of our mother tongue. This knowledge allows us to get the most out of your texts, whether they are technical, commercial or other.
If you want to ensure that your clients receive the perfect text, get in touch with us and we can advise you on the services that best suit your needs.

About Us

Paula Varona

Paula Varona

Freelance translator and proofreader

Paula is specialized en translating technical and commercial texts from English and German into Spanish. She works with texts from a wide choice of fields, from industrial machinery or tools to renewable energies and technology.
She is English-Spanish sworn translator,
and offers services of proofreading, editing, and writing in Spanish.

Professional profile of Paula Varona. Asetrad.
Ana Guerrero

Ana Guerrero

Freelance translator and proofreader

Ana is specialized in translating technical texts from German and English into Spanish. She works mainly with texts about automotive, agriculture, food industry, and home appliances.
She also offers services of proofreading, editing and transcreation in Spanish.

Professional profile of Ana Guerrero. Asetrad.

Contact Us

Contact Us

If you have any queries, would like to request an estimate or need further details about the services we provide, we will be happy to assist you.